"Awakening the Inner Gift"

Training Program

“Awakening the Inner Gift” is an intensive three-day training program that shares knowledge and skills to prepare professional musicians to use their talents in a healthcare setting.

The program includes training in repertoire choices, ethics, spatial awareness, mindfulness, compassionate communication and self-care. Aside from the training modules, participants receive feedback and guidance in a healthcare setting where they are encouraged to practice their newly acquired skills.

The AIMH understands the sensitive environment of the cancer center, hospital or hospice setting where patients and their family members privacy and well-being are a priority. A collaboration between healthcare professionals and musicians demands a high level of trust and understanding. 

In a profession wrought with burnout and performance-related injuries, the “Awakening the Inner Gift” training is an excellent way for professional musician to enhance their own working professional environment. Modules incorporating compassion, self-compassion and self-care lead to a greater resilience and can be invaluable to the professional musician. Studies have shown that work in this area lead not only to increased happiness and a better work environment, but to increases in creativity, better well-being, and changes in physiological systems as well, including the brain and the immune system. 

Conceived, developed and executed by Peter Shannon and Dr. Jackie Huntly (USA), this pilot program has been carried out at the Elizabeth and Curtis Anderson Cancer Institute in Savannah Georgia, under physician in chief, Dr. Guy Petruzzelli, and at The Kirkland Cancer Center in Jackson Tennessee,  and has received unanimous support from musicians and those in the healthcare sector.

“We know very clearly that traditional Cancer therapy, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy; even these sophisticated chemotherapy drugs that we have now, really only take the patient so far in their treatment process and we know that these Integrative Medicine programs, particularly the music program that Peter has developed here, goes a long way to help the patients tolerate their therapy, accept their therapy, and enhances their recovery during their treatment, and it’s a very important part of our program at the A.C.I.”  – Guy Petruzzelli, Physician in Chief, Anderson Cancer Institute, Savannah GA.

Duration: 3 days.