"Nurturing the Inner Spirit"

Workshop for Musicians

”Nurturing the Inner Spirit” addresses the issue of burnout in Musicians. Musicians interested in this program do not have to have an interest in playing in a healthcare environment.

It was recognized that in order for musicians to thrive and perform at their best, they themselves needed to be supported – physically and emotionally – to meet the demands of their work. 

Musicians dedicate years of their lives to education, training and practice and, on a daily basis, must manage the stresses related to health, financial security, performance anxiety and arduous work schedules. Investment in personal growth not only improves health and well-being, but can impact professional performance, enhance communication, and build teamwork and leadership in the workplace.

As the importance of mental health in the workplace is beginning to be understood, mindfulness-based practices are being recognized universally as a vital and valuable tool in self-care. This workshop provides helpful guidance and has been developed by Dr. Huntly.

Duration: One day.