"The Little Magic Flute" for sick children and/or an adaption for the elderly with Dementia

The “Little Magic Flute” is an audience-friendly live musical production developed by AIMH to promote healing and bring joy to hospitalized children, people with disabilities, adults with dementia, and general audiences.

The 25-minute adaptation of Mozart’s “Magic Flute” will be performed in collaboration with local music programs and/or individual professional musicians. 

Developed by Peter Shannon as an Outreach program of his orchestras, this program was originally created as an augmentative service to promote healing in hospitalized children using concepts such as empathy and imagery as well as the power of live music. It combines original excerpts from the Mozart’s opera “Zauberfloete” (Magic Flute) with an original narrative and is performed by seven costumed singers using a portable backdrop/set. It is typically performed in small areas/venues to provide an interactive and friendly setting.

The “Little Magic Flute” has been successfully modified for additional target audiences of people with special needs and is a particularly good fit for elderly adults with dementia. It has also been enjoyed by general audiences, providing a positive message while exposing the audience to excellent music.

Duration: 30 minutes.